Lifting Equipment Certification

Technical Bureau Certifications (TBC Hellas) is a lifting equipment certification body accredited by the ESYD. about ISO 17020.

It provides:

– inspection and certification services of lifting equipment with well-trained mechanical inspectors in industrial products, lifting equipment and handling systems.

At the end of the test, you are informed by our experts about its result. In case the result is successful, the relevant certification is issued. In case the inspection finds an error, our experts will inform you about the necessary corrective actions that are needed to comply with the Legislation and the regulations.

Lifting Machine Definition: A lifting machine is a machine intended for lifting and moving loads suspended on a hook or by means of another suspension or lifting device. According to the letter of ESYD dated 18.09.2019 and with protocol number 7304, the loaders and excavators are not lifting machines (ΕΣΥΔ_7304_18.09.2019).

Inspection of Lifting Machines: The inspection of Lifting Machines, according to legislation, is mandatory and is carried out in accordance with Official Government Gazette 1186 / 25.08.2003, (Υ.Α. 15085/593/2003) and the Guideline Instruction of ESYD. KO – LIFTING / 01/00 / 10.10.2013. The non-demonstration of a Certificate of Control of Lifting Machines imposes a fine of 2,500 € per case according to the Government Gazette 2062 / Β / 23.08.2013, article 2, page 3, par. III, (Υ.Α. 27397/122 / 19.08.2013).

More specifically, the Technical Bureau Certifications (TBC Hellas) issues: