Type & License Permits for Construction Machinery

The special department of our company undertakes the processing of type approvals and plates for construction machinery (forklifts / clarks, sweepers, rollers, excavators, loaders, propellers). In this context, it is always by the customer’s side, providing reliable and quality solutions at the most affordable prices on the market.

According to JMC D13e / 4800 / 30-5-2003, the Construction Machinery (CM) are obliged to issue a registration permit and registration number plates CM|.

ME approval should be granted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport & Networks. Also, the CM must be inventoried and registered, so that they can be granted a license and license plates with a CM.

The type approval is granted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport & Networks, while the license – license plate number by the Directorate of Technical Service of the Regional Unit of the headquarters belonging to the CM.

CMs are not obliged to pay traffic fees unless their speed can exceed 50 km / h, in which case they can travel on the national road network, but with a limitation in terms of their dimensions and size.

In addition to issuing licenses and license plates, CMs must be insured with an insurance company.

For the lifting machines, a certificate of suitability is required depending on its category, according to the JM 15085/593 / 20-8-2003.

The process of issuing type approvals and issuing marketing permits includes the autopsy, the technical study, the photographing of the project machinery as well as the preparation and submission of a technical file to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport & Networks, and the Prefecture (for the issuance of circulation authorization).
After the successful outcome of the process, the Press Approval or the Circulation Authorization as well as the Certificate of Conformity are issued and delivered to your offices.

Contact a technical consultant of Technical Bureau Certifications (TBC Hellas) for type approvals and plates of your lifting equipment.