The Technical Bureau Certifications (TBC Hellas), as a specialist in the certification of safe and orderly operation of lifting machines, conducts safety and health training seminars regarding their use, e.g., cranes, crane bridges, forklifts, pallet trucks, clarks, lifts, work platforms, work platforms, basket trucks, winches, hoists, cranes.

Target Audience

Target Audience

With the aim of updating the knowledge of professionals in the new data and always having the priority of the know-how to remain at the highest level, the safety and health training seminars for the use of lifting machines are addressed to the professionals of the responsible departments of the company such as assistants and lifting operators. employees are involved in their operation and maintenance (warehouse managers, warehouse workers, security technicians, foremen, maintenance workers, spare parts managers, logistics department executives, etc.).


Theory combined with experience.

The new theoretical knowledge, in combination with the pre-existing experience, strengthens and enriches the training of every professional. More specifically, the participants will acquire the theoretical knowledge, so that after the end of their training to be able to work with the lifting and transport equipment (cranes, crane bridges, forklifts, pallet trucks, clarks, elevators, work platforms, work platforms, basket trucks, winches, hoists, cranes) of the company with confidence and confidence, running and learning how to perform the appropriate ways of managing (moving, lifting – lowering load, etc.) of these vehicles / machines, as well as their components (ropes, belts, hooks, etc.).

Indicatively the topics of the seminars can be:

  1. Safe Handling
  2. Guidance-Signals
  3. Risks from the presence of employees in the operation area of ​​the elevators
  4. Personal Operator Protection Means (PPE)
  5. Calculations for the lifting capacity of the ropes
  6. Reading Tables
  7. Lubrication of Cables
  8. Suspension Belts
  9. Inspection of Cables and lifting machines in accordance with the legislation and the specifications of ELOT
  10. Palango- Palango with rings
  11. Lifting Capacity of Crane Bridges
  12. Crane Bridge Driving (use of control)
  13. Duties of pilots before and during the crane bridge
  14. Lifting Scales
  15. Dangerous actions
  16. Security marking
  17. Personal protective equipment
  18. Center of gravity – crane stability
  19. Types of loads and their control

The seminars are modern and their material is taught in an interesting way so that knowledge can be comprehended easily. They are also accompanied by a short educational audiovisual material (video) on the dangers of using lifting equipment.
In addition, these seminars are characterized by a high degree of reliability as they are also conducted by members of the Register of Security Trainers of the Conditions Directorate of the Ministry of Labor, which is the most appropriate body.

We are at your disposal for the safety and health training seminars for the use of lifting machines.

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